Why I March – Cynthia Tsui


I march for science because science creates jobs…jobs of today and tomorrow. Healthy and diverse food, cars, planes, oil, electricity, medicines, cures, computers, smartphones, WiFi are all results of scientific discoveries and innovations. And these inventions have created thousands of jobs for Americans.

I march for science because I care about my patients and their loved ones. Diseases and misfortunes see no difference in our income or educational level. An illness with no cure can fall upon anyone. Without science, there will be no new cure for cancer, no vaccine for Zika virus, no new treatments for diseases.

Ask your elected officials to support science because you want new jobs and better lives!

Originally from Chico, California, Cynthia Tsui served on the faculty at the University of Michigan School of Medicine before moving back to Northern California.  She is currently a physician practicing nephrology in the East Bay.  Her interests are patient care, advocacy, education, and preventative health care.