The March for Science champions robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good, and for political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest.



Publicly funded scientists must be free to communicate openly their research, data sets, and conclusions of their work.
Public outreach, education, and accessibility of scientific knowledge should be encouraged.

Investment in science and research is essential to drive innovation and deliver solutions to the complex challenges society faces.
A long term strategic approach to funding science is needed, with policy stability and a commitment to increased investment that
will ensure future growth and prosperity.

Public policy should be guided by evidence-based scientific research, local scientific knowledge, and mainstream scientific consensus.

A well-informed citizenry is essential to a free and successful society. We support initiatives to promote broad public knowledge
and discussion of scientific work.

Equality in the sciences must be reflected by diversity in opportunities and leadership, global access to scientific results, and fair
distribution of the benefits of scientific discoveries. We oppose the manipulation of science to marginalize groups of people, and
instead support the right to pursue and enjoy the fruits of science regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation,
religion or lack thereof, political affiliation, or socioeconomic status.




We believe that the scientific method, and findings that result from its responsible use, are powerful tools for decision-making. As an organization, we base our political positions, advocacy and outreach efforts, and internal practices on best-available evidence. We also recognize that complex problems informed by science do not always have clear, scientifically-indicated solutions.

We integrate our commitment to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion into all programming, outreach, and advocacy efforts. We advocate for policies enabling equal access to education, scientific careers, and scientific benefits, and work to support increasingly equitable scientific spaces. We amplify the work and voices of underrepresented scientists and members of underrepresented communities.

As nonpartisan political advocates, we act with the understanding that science does not belong to any political party, and that scientific evidence is an essential part of good policymaking at every level of government. As scientists and science supporters, we seek and present scientific consensuses, acknowledge substantive debates, conduct our work with transparency, and operate with integrity regardless of the political environment.

We do not merely react to the problems of today: we look forward, aspiring toward an inclusive, integrated vision for the future of science and science policy. We pursue creative, experimental, and novel approaches to overcome the longstanding challenges that stand in the way of a critical and scientifically-engaged society.

We are a reflective and self-critical organization that prizes ongoing internal evaluation and correction. We invite feedback and encourage challenging conversations, we listen, and we commit ourselves to recognizing and addressing our biases. We seek to identify gaps in existing resources, evaluate and share the effectiveness of our efforts, and regularly collect and report stakeholder feedback.



Local Priorities

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San Francisco Bay Area is home to countless organizations and resources focused on science advocacy, education, and communication. We aim to raise awareness, and foster collaboration between these existing groups, as well as to serve the needs of our partners whenever possible. By coordinating our efforts, designing practical infrastructure, centralizing initiatives, and creating opportunities to engage with one another, we can continue to increase our collective impact. 

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As evidence is a powerful tool for informed change, we recognize the critical role that the scientific community should play in service of social and environmental justice. We also recognize that scientists and research institutions have historically exploited and/or perpetuated oppressive power structures. As such, we are committed to repairing this relationship through partnerships, dialogue, and proactive inclusion, empowerment, and acknowledgement. We aim to leverage our platform as a tool for centering the voices of members of groups who may not have felt welcomed, supported by, or safe in scientific spaces in the past, as this is a step towards science that truly is for everyone.

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We live in a particularly civically engaged part of the country. As such, our focus is on ensuring that members of our community are informed about the current role of evidence in policy, aware of the range and impact of relevant political actions, empowered to engage in the legislative process at any scale, and familiar with the nature of science as it relates to societal issues and decision-making. In addition to creating opportunities to engage directly in science advocacy, we work to create educational opportunities to understand, refine, and optimize these efforts.  


Banner Image: Steve Disenhof (Pro-bono Photo)