Why I Stand Up For Science – Bill Russell

Bill Russell.jpeg

While I can no longer march due to MS. I can still support and stand for Science! My shirt came from the generosity of Robin Lopez (and March for Science SF Steering Committee). I’m keeping my brain active to combat the MS by studying Mathematics and physics, both classical and quantum. My interests are in the non-Euclidean geometry and structure of space and blackholes. There’s currently no cure for MS without science there never will be.

Since the dawn of humanity the process of gaining knowledge through curiosity and understanding is what has moved humanity forward. From the discovery of the wheel and fire to the discovery of DNA and Black holes. Curiosity and understanding is what moves humanity forward. We learn and change with our understanding. Change is the only constant in the universe. Science and mathematics give us a way to know how to change to continue our existence. Arrogance and the inability to change ensures that we will not continue to exist. Environmental science is of great importance to biological life on this small rock we call earth. Curiosity and understanding is what moves humanity forward. Science is the tool that moves humanity forward!