Why We March – The Climate Music Project

Let’s face it, while the majority of us know about climate change and understand that it is a serious problem, we have a harder time figuring out what we can do to mitigate the impacts on our community and on our planet, and how much time we have to act.  

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We pondered this dilemma and then reached out to world-renowned scientists to see what they were thinking.  Well, it turns out that these climate change experts were busy writing articles and giving lectures about the gravity of the situation.  However, their message was not reaching the widespread audience they were seeking, and the scientists were looking to get the word out more broadly so that folks would act quickly to make a difference.

We all concluded that we needed to find a way to interpret and communicate the science in a manner that reached people on a more emotional, personal level.  We worked together to translate the scientific data on climate change into a language that would have a more visceral effect on engaged, but perhaps less active, audiences. We agreed, that MUSIC was our answer.

So we hooked up with a talented composer and musicians.  Our composer wrote an original piece of music, and then worked with our science team to collide the data with the music. The final composition reflects how such key data as CO2 concentration, the Earth’s energy balance, and near-earth temperature have changed from pre-industrial times to the present, and then forecasts the next two centuries based on scientific projections.  

What we came up with was a piece of music – driven by science – that provides insights on the issue of climate change in a way that everyone can appreciate.

Our first composition, Climate, compresses 500 years of the climate record with projections to the year 2300 into a 30-minute concert complete with synchronized visual data animations.  We follow each performance with an audience discussion with our team.  Now, we are partnering with organizations that can direct our engaged and inspired audiences to personal and organizational solutions that will make a difference.  And we are expanding our repertoire to many musical genres that will reach diverse groups.

Visit us at The ClimateMusic Project to support us and learn more about our work and our upcoming performance on April 28th.

What do you want the future to sound like?  Listen.  Then Act!

We march for science!


The ClimateMusic Project’s mission is to create and perform science-guided music to awaken, educate, and inspire a broad and diverse audience to engage actively on the issue of climate change.