Why We Support Climate Science - Cool Effect


Why We Support Climate Science - Cool Effect

Let’s talk about carbon dioxide. Your first introduction to the gas likely occurred in school when you first learned about The Carbon Cycle. Today, it mostly comes up in the news cycle as the driving force behind climate change. And the reality is dire. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but on a daily basis tens-of-thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide are being emitted from trains, planes, automobiles, and a myriad
of other sources.

Scientific consensus says that human activity is a primary driver of carbon dioxide emissions especially as atmospheric levels have been exponentially increasing since the Industrial Revolution. Fortunately, through the continuous efforts of climate scientists and their colleagues, we’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of carbon dioxide and its impact on our climate. However, despite significant scientific progress, we still fail at times to understand that with these findings still comes personal responsibility. In a recent survey Cool Effect commissioned through Ipsos, most respondents, although aware of the impact humans have on climate change, underestimated their personal carbon footprint. On average, an American emits about 17 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, yet most of our survey respondents underestimated this by 50% or more estimating an average of eight tonnes or less.

Although the numbers have been crunched, calculated and verified by scientists across the globe, people continue to ignore the impact of their daily lifestyle. Helping individuals understand their own carbon footprint is one of the main tenets of our newest educational campaign at Cool Effect. Our organization has worked diligently to collect and analyze research on the subject and present all the information in one place on CoolEffect.org, -- in a way that is easy to digest. Our goal with this is not only to help individuals understand the gravity of their impact, but also inform them that there are a variety of ways to reduce their personal emissions impact: recycling, using renewables, taking public transportation, etc. While taking all of these steps will reduce an individual’s carbon footprint, the only way to ultimately reach net-zero emissions is through the support of a carbon reduction project.

There are thousands of projects that exist in the carbon market, but we’ve tapped a team of researchers and analysts to help us select the cream of the crop. Cool Effect supporters can rest assured that the carbon reduction projects they choose to support are verifiably preventing carbon emissions. And for those who want to do their due diligence, we offer the accompanying documentation for review.

It’s thanks to the work of scientists that we have access to proven information about the global climate crisis, an understanding of the impact of individuals, and an opportunity to actively do something to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This year in honor of the March for Science, we encourage you to support the scientists and teams on the ground dedicated to helping improve our world.

Consider supporting a carbon-reducing project on Cool Effect today.