Our Team

The March for Science - San Francisco team is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers from diverse communities across the Bay Area.



Executive Team

The Executive Team is elected by all eligible members of the March for Science community.
These individuals are voting members of the organization's leadership and play a central role in all planning, vision-setting, and large event execution.

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Dan Tell | president

Dan has spent the last 15 years in science visualization, audio-visual technology, and informal science education. Originally volunteering for the April, 2017 March, Dan assisted with content development ahead of the March and for the Science Festival held at Civic Center Plaza and served as a day-of coordinator. In August 2017, Dan was elected to succeed the original planning team of March for Science - San Francisco as Lead Organizer.

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george thomason | treasurer 

George is an economist who also has experience as a finance executive in a variety of industries.  His strong personal belief in the need to support and encourage scientists and science education led him to volunteer to work on the April 2017 March.  His commitment to the goals of the March continue.

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Carly Ebben Eaton, phd | advocacy 

Bio coming soon.

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Outreach & PARTNERS

Jess is a Research Assistant at the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) in Emeryville, an institution under the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that focuses on producing biofuels from plants and microbes as a source of clean energy. At work, she also engages in outreach programs to connect JBEI to local high schools and discuss careers in science. She hopes to connect wonderful existing science organizations together to bolster efforts in making science accessible to all.




Holly is a student at City College of San Francisco who has studied Social Behavioral Science, Sociology, Economics, Political Science and Communications. She facilitates organization and communication by bringing social behavioral science methods into community organizing strategies.


Robin D. López
diversity & inclusion

Robin is a Researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, with a focus on Earth Science. He is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program award, and a 2016 White House Presidential Service Award. Robin is also a science educator for a local non-profit, Metas, helping to empower and inspire youth in the same environment he has grown up in.


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Francis Aguisanda | Volunteer Director

Francis is a PhD student in the Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine program at Stanford University, where he is the Lucillle P. Markey Biomedical Research Fellow. He was a volunteer coordinator for the 2017 March for Science - SF and is excited to come back and reprise his role!

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gary mcdowell, phd | fundraising 

Gary is the Executive Director of Future of Research (FoR), a non-profit organization that promotes grassroots advocacy amongst junior scientists to advance improvements and reform of the scientific enterprise, and aims to increase transparency about academia to provide junior scientists with the information they need to navigate successful careers using science



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Ben Stiegler, MS | Technical Director / Event Production

Ben Stiegler is an engineer, former CEO, science ethicist, activist, journalist, and guy who not only sees, but talks to, the elephant in the room. A graduate of Carleton College and the University of Minnesota, he holds degrees in Biology, Computer Science (AI), and Psychology. He has developed AI  for medical reasoning, speech recognition, insurance risk assessment, and aquaculture process control, and founded and led a nationally-scoped business technology service provider for 25 years. Ben served as a lead organizer for the 2017 march and continues as the technical director  for March for Science SF, coordinating event production and safety and keeping M4S infrastructure happy. With Ravi and Robin, he has created and facilitated Diversity in Science workshops for young scientists and students. 


Core Team

March for Science - San Francisco projects are organized by varying members of our core team.
They assist in the organization's mission and operations, as well as serving as leads for projects relevant to their interests and experience.

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stephanie fine sasse, EDM | ENGAGEMENT SUPPORT

Stephanie is a researcher turned writer, educator, and experience designer. She earned her graduate degree in Mind, Brain & Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2013 and currently runs an educational non-profit focused on lifelong learning and science-centered social change. Stephanie was one of the lead SF organizers of the 2017 March for Science and now serves as the Director of Special Projects for the national March for Science organization. She works with the local SF team to guide and support initiatives as possible.

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Monique smith, phd | GENERAL SUPPORT

Monique is a neuroscientist working at Stanford University. She earned her PhD at Oregon Health & Science University in 2011. Monique is an enthusiastic science communicator, and has travelled to Washington DC to speak in front of the U.S. Congress and Senate about science and art education. She was a site director for NW Noggin's High School Brain Education Series, works as a Program Director for the bay area non-profit, Covi Education, and was one of the original organizers for the March for Science in San Francisco. She works with the local SF team to guide and support initiatives as possible.

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Bio coming soon.

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Ravi Valleti | ADVISOR

Ravi is a former engineer turned futurist author and actor who has advised the March for Science movement at Bay Area and national levels on Diversity & Inclusion in STEM. This March for Science Memphis speaker graduated from the Bay Area's Santa Clara High School before earning his Double B.S. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from UC Irvine's Campuswide Honors Program.



Our work would not be possible without the support of countless volunteers. Thank you to each and every member of our community that supports March for Science - San Francisco initiatives.

2017 March for Science - San Francisco

Organizing Volunteers

Alea Skwara

Alex Stanley
Alyssa Rosenbloom
Ashley Wilhelm
Brandon Krull
Carly Ebben Eaton
David Kelley
George Thomason
Jeff Silverman
John Ubante
Jessica Trinh
Jill Ambrose
Melissa Spear
Paul & Kathy Besser
Phil Kim
Ravi Valleti
Renee Jocic
Vince Gabrielle
Zoe Halsne

Steering Committee

Kristen Ratan, Lead Organizer
Dominic Chan, Treasurer & Operations
Bryan Dunyak, Tech & Marketing
Isaac Gendler, Social Media
Robin López, Marketing & Social Media
Matt Grimmer, Treasurer & Operations
Kishore Hari, Logistics & National Liaison
Emma Harrell, Logistics & Secretary
Adam Miller, Tech & National Liaison
John Petrouski, Logistics & Legal
Stephanie Fine Sasse, Program & Partnerships

Ben Stiegler, Technical Director
Monique Smith, HR & Volunteer Management
Wallace Colyer, Volunteer Management
Francis Aguisanda, Volunteer Management

Creative Volunteers

Dan Tell, Content Development
Holly Cordeiro, Content Development
Alex Stanley, Community Stage Manager
Brent Firestone, Video Production
Gail Smith, Graphic Design
Jack Owicki, Photography (Pro-Bono Photo)
Kathy & Jim Ocean, Music & Community Stage
Two Dudes Photo, Photography (Two Dudes)


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